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On grid pv system in Different Application

Photovoltaic + industrial and commercial roof

The industrial and commercial roof area is large, with the characteristics of flat roof, large electricity consumption, and high electricity price, so the installed capacity is large and the power generation is also large.

Photovoltaic + Transportation

The application scenarios of photovoltaic + transportation include airport photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic railway stations, photovoltaic high-speed rest stations and even photovoltaic roads.

Photovoltaic + school

The school has a relatively broad roof, good structure, and stable power consumption; the installation of photovoltaic power stations can play a role in energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the construction of an environmentally friendly and energy-saving campus.

Photovoltaic + water plant

Photovoltaic power generation utilizes the roof, sedimentation tank, biochemical tank and contact tank of the sewage treatment plant to install solar photovoltaic panels on it, which has a unique space advantage.

How does On-grid Solar System Work?

Grid-connected system accessories include: solar modules, inverters, support brackets and cables, combiner boxes, AC and DC power distribution cabinets and monitoring systems. Among them, combiner boxes, AC and DC power distribution cabinets and monitoring systems will be installed according to the actual scenario.

How grid-connected power generation generates energy: The grid-connected power generation system converts the received solar radiation energy into high-voltage direct current through high-frequency direct current conversion through photovoltaic arrays. sinusoidal alternating current.

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