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  • What Is Off Grid Solar System?

    What Is Off Grid Solar System?

    Fully off grid solar system works independently of the power grid. Different from a grid connection, off grid pv system uses solar energy generated by battery storage systems. Then off grid solar pv system is converted into a power supply through the integrated reverse control machine, which is another form of energy after wind and hydropower power generation in countries and regions where power is scarce.

  • What Size Solar System Do I Need To Go Off Grid?

    What Size Solar System Do I Need To Go Off Grid?

    Correctly estimating the power demand of the scene is the most important work to select an appropriate off grid photovoltaic system. The number of photovoltaic modules and the size of the battery also need to be based on the local lighting time, power use, rainy days, etc. Sunrise can provide the design and product services of the fully off grid solar system. For details, please consult us online.

Benefits of Off Grid Solar System

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    Generate Electricity

    There is no need to connect the main power, generate electricity for self use.

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    Power Stored In The Battery

    The remaining power can be stored in the battery.

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