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Application of off grid pv system 

①Small off-grid system

It is mainly used in impoverished areas without electricity, remote mountainous areas, and the users are mostly herdsmen and tourists, mainly to solve the needs of lighting and mobile phone charging.

②Small and medium off-grid system

It is mainly used in relatively affluent power-deficient areas, such as herdsmen, island residents, medium-sized fishing boats, relatively remote scenic areas, and some communication and monitoring base stations.

③Medium and large off-grid systems

It is mainly used in industrial and commercial areas, scenic areas and other occasions where there are frequent power outages, high electricity prices, large peak-to-valley price differences, and photovoltaics cannot be connected to the Internet.

④Large multi-energy off-grid system

It is mainly used in some remote mountainous areas, islands, tourist areas, industrial and commercial places with high electricity prices without power grids and a large population.

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