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2021 Solar PV World Expo Ends Up Perfectly


The anticipated Solar PV World Expo, which was postponed since August, was successfully held in November. There is a good saying: "All encounters in the world are reunions after a long time."

From November 18th to 20th, the 2021 Solar PV World Expo (PV Guangzhou 2021) grandly opened in Area B of the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex. As the world's leading new energy company, Sunrise Energy brought the M10 module Sea King series and the G12 module Zeus series to their debut. The popularity of the booth was soaring, and Sunrise drew the attention of all audiences.


★ Series products ★

Strength attracts countless eyes

Sunrise Energy exhibited a full range of module products including the M10 module Sea King series. This is the first appearance of the Sea King series at an international exhibition, attracting many visitors.

The M10 and G12 series of components are brilliant works of Sunrise Energy's continuous innovation. The performance has been improved across the board, and the experience has never been unprecedented. Relying on the strict quality control and the amazing performance of the components, it has won the favor of the market once it came out. At PV Guangzhou 2021 this time, the audience stopped to watch and were willing to cooperate with us.


In the past 16 years, Sunrise Energy has focused on component manufacturing, full case design, and system integration, and dozens of milestones in corporate development have laid an important foundation for sustainable development. The G12 module Zeus series 66 version which was unveiled in Guangzhou this time has a mass production conversion efficiency of 21.57% and a mass production power of 670W. (Among them, the conversion efficiency of N-type mass production reaches 22.54%, and the power is 700w)

Module characteristics: large version and high power, suitable for medium and large photovoltaic projects, the cost of BOS effectively lowered and ROI reduced.


★ Energy Plan ★

Exclusive design: making you are free of worries

In the tea bar area of the booth, Sunrise Energy's brand "Zhaoyangbao" power generation system focuses on distributed design. All the materials, including components, inverters, cables, brackets, and accessories will be provided by a professional team. The management mechanism and after-sale service are guaranteed, which will take you the best power generation and continue to focus on your benefits throughout the life cycle.

At the same time, for centralized photovoltaic power stations, project solutions such as fishing light, agricultural light, forest light, and integrated smart energy solutions for solar storage and charging, Sunrise Energy has developed more than one hundred global projects, with an installed capacity of more than 1GW. Sunrise Energy is devoted to serving global government and enterprise customers.


★ Live interactions ★

Make foreign customers enjoy Expo online

To allow more people to participate in and experience the Expo, Sunrise Energy has been done the livestream at a fixed time for three days. Even if you cannot visit Guangzhou in person, you can also watch the exhibition online, listen to product explanations, and participate in online Q&A. The 40 version and 72 version of the M10 module support the customization of single-sided, double-sided, and full black. The double-sided module can achieve a maximum of 30% back gain, and the matching is better, which effectively reduces the risk of hot spots and greatly improves the power efficiency of the module. In the market, everyone loves it.


This Expo lasted for 3 days, and the participants' enthusiasm for it was unprecedentedly high. The next stop is PV Jinan, and we are looking forward to seeing you again!