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2024 SNEC PV Ends Up Perfectly

On June 13, the 17th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition (SNEC PV 6.13-15) concluded successfully at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China. The exhibition brings together more than 3,000 promising companies from many countries around the world and more than 500,000 visitors. 


Merchants gather to share cutting-edge technology and wisdom, stimulate industrial innovation vitality, and contribute to building a clean and sustainable energy future.

N-type TOPCon double-glass bifacial modules unveiled

The N-type TOPCon double-glass double-sided Neptune series of M10 modules exhibited by Sunrise this time have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, ammonia resistance, salt spray resistance, high conversion rate, safety and reliability, resistance to humidity and heat, etc.

The attenuation is 1% in the first year and ≤0.4% in the next year. The module has a 30-year power warranty and linear power warranty, is extremely friendly to medium and large ground power station projects and distributed scenarios, and supports a variety of size customization needs.

Integrated solutions for photovoltaic system design

We provide integrated services including photovoltaic modules, inverters, brackets, cables, grid-connected boxes, etc. Energy storage is mainly on the user side and distributed scenarios, and the most economical energy storage solution is customized for customers.

In order to facilitate customers and partners to have an intuitive understanding of the system components, the system area of this exhibition not only displays the working principle of the photovoltaic system and physical products of wall-mounted inverters, but also is equipped with a system auxiliary material tool box with various accessories, which greatly enriches the exhibition. Exhibition experience.

Accelerate energy transition to create a sustainable future

As the energy revolution continues to improve efficiency and iterate, Sunrise is also rapidly moving forward in improving human lifestyles with high-efficiency photovoltaic technology. In the future, Haoyu will assist the development of the industry with "photovoltaic modules + system design integration + energy storage cells + project development" with greater customer value, accelerate the energy transformation of various countries, and contribute truly sustainable strength to the realization of global green energy goals.