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Full black modules: PV Star of European Roofs


20MWp+Full black modules -- Support Europe

Friday, September 16, 2022

Sunrise M10 full black module based on 182mm battery chip · Aquaman Series

Repeat the 17 processes accurately and efficiently as usual

This is the only way for every qualified module


Total production of this time is 20MWp+

More than 5000 households are expected to be supplied to the European energy market

The accelerated hot sale of Sunrise M10 full black modules · Aquaman Series has been strengthened

Product positioning of "True full black module leader"

It has been recognized by a wider range of European markets and customers


This "SUNRISE" brand M10 cell full black module · Aqaman Series from the East is calculated according to the average annual illumination of 1135.15 hours (France as an example):

Power generation in the first year reaches 22703000 kWh

The total power generation in 25 years will reach 518860203 degrees

Alternative standard coal 227030000kg

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 565872275 kg

Reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 17027250kg

Reduce smoke and dust emissions 154380400kg

Save 2273000000 liters of purified water

Sunrise uses clean energy to bring green changes to Europe, light up the hope of green carbon life, and help Europe achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality".


M10 full black module - Genuine Force

Both appearance consistency and aesthetics

Horizontal ribbon leading out technology developed by Sunrise

Be unique in the industry

The process quality has passed the special test of TUV authority

And obtained the invention patent of "Full black module"


Fearless of increased costs from manufacturing processes

But customer value first

Let each module received

Greatly increased service life

Real stable and reliable quality is the product belief

that all the Sunrise always pursue and adhere to


16 years of ingenuity - the original intention remains unchanged

Sunrise adheres to the brand positioning of "creating a sustainable future"

Focus on scientific and technological innovation and continue to do product iteration

Fine production management, creating excellent product quality

Really promote the development of green energy in the world through solar energy

Help build a zero carbon future for the planet