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How to Select the Size and Model of Solar Panel Wires?

Advantages of solar panels

Solar panels are highly durable and have minimal loss of energy. Their efficiency only reduces by approximately 1% to 2% per year (sometimes even less). Most solar panels are made using crystalline silicon solar cells. Installing solar panels in homes helps combat harmful greenhouse gas emissions, leading to the reduction of global warming. Solar panels do not cause any pollution and are very clean. They also reduce our dependency on fossil fuels (limited resources) and traditional energy sources. Today, solar panels are widely used in electronic devices like calculators. They work as long as there is sunlight, making them energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon.

Size and model of solar panel wires

The rated value for solar photovoltaic module wires is based on their maximum ampere capacity. Basically, solar panels with higher amperes require thicker (larger diameter) solar panel wires with a higher rated value. You must check the system's rated ampere and use wires that can handle the load. For example, if it produces 9 amperes of current, use 9 ampere wires or higher (10 or 11 amperes).

Using wires with a lower rated value for solar panels can cause voltage drops. Over time, it may cause overheating and even increase the risk of fires.

The thickness of solar panel wires usually corresponds to their ampere capacity. The thicker the wire, the higher the ampere capacity. As a rule of thumb, always use thick enough wires or slightly thicker wires to handle occasional power surges. Identify the appliance with the highest ampere rating and choose a wire that can handle this current. To better guide you, use an online wire size estimator.

However, the size of solar panel wires in solar panels is inversely proportional to the wire's ampere capacity. When choosing solar panel wires, pay attention to their voltage.

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