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Main Factors Affecting the Power Generation of Solar PV System and Its Roof Installation

Solar PV systems are widely used. At present, solar energy has entered the industry, commerce, agriculture, communications, household appliances, and utility sectors.

The power generation applications of solar PV systems are divided into several aspects: Household small solar power stations, large grid-connected power stations, building integrated photovoltaic glass curtain walls, solar street lamps, wind-complementary street lamps, wind-complementary power supply systems, etc.

Ⅰ. Main factors affecting the power generation of solar PV system

The on grid PV system power uses solar energy and the electronic characteristics of semiconductor materials to achieve power generation. What are the main factors affecting the power generation of a solar PV system?

The solar PV system uses solar radiation that reaches the ground to generate electricity. Solar radiation can be divided into two types. One is light radiation emitted from the surface of a photosphere. It is also called electromagnetic radiation because it transmits light and heat in the form of electromagnetic waves. This radiation is made up of visible and invisible light.

The other is particulate radiation. It's a stream of positively charged protons and roughly equal numbers of negatively charged electrons and other particles. The particle radiation is usually weak, and the energy is unstable.

The particle radiation becomes the strongest during the solar maximum, and it affects humans and the earth's upper atmosphere. But generally, before it can reach the earth's surface, it usually disappears in the long distance between the sun and the earth.

Therefore, solar radiation is mainly light radiation. Because of the atmosphere layer, the amount of solar radiation that reaches the earth's surface is affected by many factors.

Solar height, atmospheric quality, atmospheric transparency, geographical latitude, sunshine duration, and altitude are the main factors affecting the power generation of the solar PV system.

Ⅱ. Will solar PV systems become a must for roofs in the future?

At present, a total of 136 countries around the world are now engaged in the widespread application of solar cells, of which 95 countries are developing solar power generation and solar cells on a large scale, and actively producing a variety of related energy-saving new products made by solar energy products manufacturers. Nearly 200 companies already produce solar cells.

Since the beginning of this century, some developed countries have made plans to develop renewable energy including solar cells. The research and production of solar cells are spreading in Europe, America, and Asia.

New houses and public buildings will be criticized if they are not equipped with environmental protection and energy-saving systems such as solar PV systems. It is conceivable that the concept of environmental protection, energy-saving, and emission reduction is gaining popularity.

Generating electricity from solar PV systems may be an environmental initiative that everyone can participate in. More and more people realize the benefits of photovoltaics, and take the initiative to defend the fallacy of "high energy consumption", "subsidy cheating" and "low quality".

The Photovoltaic power system benefits the country and the people. The people can make money, and the country can carry out the energy transition, to protect the environment.

Solar PV systems will enter thousands of households in the end and they will become must-have systems for roofing in the future.

Whether they are self-built houses or villas, and whether they are township enterprises and factories, or high-rise buildings in big cities, they will be designed and installed with stand alone solar PV systems.

The popularization of photovoltaic knowledge, the rapid progress of technology, and the expansion of the scale rapidly reduce the cost, so the goal of universal installation of PV systems will not be very far.

The solar power industry has formed a considerable scale in China, and technical conditions are becoming mature. Solar energy will be the most feasible solution to China's energy transformation.

The solar PV system is one of the most sustainable renewable energy technologies with great potential for power generation.