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The Smarter E Europe 2024

On June 19-21, 2024, The Smarter E Europe, the largest and most influential solar energy professional exhibition and trade fair in Europe, was grandly held at the Munich International Exhibition Center. This exhibition covers a wide range of product categories, including solar modules, inverters, energy storage, and smart energy solutions, bringing together many well-known enterprises in the industry internationally.

Aquman series double glass bifacial solar panel

Moisture resistant, dustproof, and salt spray resistant

Sunrise made an appearance at the exhibition this time, including N-type TOPCon double glass bifacial solar module, lightweight double glass glazed solar module, as well as single glass all black solar module , such as the Aquman series, Zeus series, and Solar system solutions.



The Aquman series 54/72 version double glass bifacial model holds a significant position in the European market due to its high rate of efficiency, SMBB, excellent low-light power generation performance, and stable full life cycle power generation revenue. It has become a well-known photovoltaic star on European rooftops.

In the face of severe competition in the photovoltaic industry, Sunrise will continue to provide customers with efficient, low-cost, safe and reliable solar modules and system solutions, deeply understand customer needs, create higher value for more customers in distributed scenarios, and enable more people to enjoy clean energy under the "affordable model".

30 years of continuous and stable power generation

Highlighting the Value of Aquman Series Solar module

As one of Sunrise's star products, the Aquman series 72 version double glass bifacial module has a power of up to 585W and outstanding characteristics such as lower attenuation, better temperature coefficient, higher double-sided gain, and better weak light performance.


We have passed rigorous testing projects such as ammonia, dust, and salt spray, and have obtained certification from TUV authoritative institutions. The safety and reliability performance of the components have been fully recognized, which can meet the different needs of European customers in various application scenarios. We will continue to bring higher value to our customers for 30 years.

At the same time, we provide photovoltaic system solutions including Solar modules, inverters, brackets, cables, and grid boxes. Energy storage is mainly based on user side and distributed scenarios, providing customers with the most cost-effective energy storage solutions. The on-site equipment is equipped with a toolbox of auxiliary materials and various accessories, greatly enriching the exhibition experience.

Creating a sustainable future

Sunrise Chases Light Not Only, Bravely Leads the Industry Tide

As one of the leading brands in the global PV industry, as of the first quarter of 2024, Sunrise Photovoltaic's product sales and service network has spread to over 120 countries and regions worldwide. Adhering to the mission of creating a sustainable future, we will continue to empower the global green energy transformation and contribute to building a zero-carbon world.