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Promote Throughout the County | Photovoltaic Partner Recruitment


The distributed photovoltaic power generation project has progressed smoothly throughout the county. This is inseparable from strong product supply, strong financial strength, and efficient landing execution.

Since starting recruitment in September, we have felt the urgent need for "promotion across the county" from partners across the country. We are in-depth exchanges with some cities on the project, and we are also actively preparing for the next project development and research.

If you are also a photovoltaic partner with local resources, please feel free to contact us!


In fact, as a leading new energy company, Haoyu already has two important conditions for production capacity and capital. We can be responsible for the preliminary survey, scheme design, project investment and construction, and overall operation and maintenance of the grid-connected solar distributed photovoltaic power system project in the entire area.

In the future, with the continuous implementation of rooftop distributed photovoltaic projects, this will become an important part of local work to implement the "dual carbon" goal. On the whole, including China, there are a large number of idle roofs in the world, and the market is very broad.

Therefore, with the support of policies and the general trend of carbon neutrality, rooftop distributed photovoltaics will continue to stand at the forefront of China's energy transition.

Recruit photovoltaic partners with local resources nationwide!

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