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Solar Photovoltaic System Power Generation Will Become an Important Part of Rural Development in the Future

Ⅰ. Solar photovoltaic systems in rural areas

Rural areas will be the main focus of future solar photovoltaic system power generation. Large-scale promotion of photovoltaic power generation to rural areas will occupy a large area, and some rural areas will be relatively poor. This will help them promote economic development and improve people's living standards. This requires the country to issue corresponding policies to provide corresponding high-quality talents for rural photovoltaic power generation, and the government should vigorously encourage and support them. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned low-rise bungalows living in small row houses, where there are mountains and rivers, warm in winter and cool in summer, with high-tech photovoltaic tiles on the roof, as long as there is sunshine, you can use power generation.

Ⅱ. The benefits of using solar photovoltaic systems in rural areas

1. Small investment: It usually costs billions to install a large ground power station, while a household photovoltaic power station can be installed with only tens of thousands of yuan.

2. Power saving: use the electricity generated by the household solar photovoltaic system during the day, which can save electricity bills.

3. Make money: the unused power of ordinary household photovoltaic power plants can also be sold to the State Grid, with a yield of more than 10%.

4. Sunshade: After laying photovoltaic modules on a large area of the roof, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 2-3°C, which indirectly saves air conditioning costs.

Ⅲ. The characteristics of solar photovoltaic system

Solar photovoltaic system power generation generally has no radiation. The principle of photovoltaic power generation is to first convert light energy directly into DC power through the characteristics of semiconductors, and then convert the DC power into AC power that can be used by people through an inverter, without any chemical changes. And nuclear reactions, so solar photovoltaic systems will not have radiation. The solar photovoltaic system has the characteristics of no risk of depletion, no noise, no pollution, no pollution emissions, high energy quality, safety and reliability.

Solar photovoltaic systems can generate electricity without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines. Solar photovoltaic systems have a short construction period and the time it takes to obtain energy is short. Solar photovoltaic systems are not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, and are often built using the advantages of building roofs. Generally, rooftop photovoltaic power generation is used in areas without electricity and complex terrain.