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Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd.

Sunrise Energy x Changzhou University: Successful Holding of School-Enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony

On April 18th, around 2:00 PM, the cooperation signing ceremony between Sunrise Solar International Trade Department and the International Office of Changzhou University was successfully held, aimed at deepening cooperation between universities and enterprises.


Mr. Andy, Chairman of Sunrise Solar Group, Mr. Chu Zhixin, Secretary of the Overseas Education Institute, Mrs. Mary, Director of After-sales of the International Trade Department, sales representatives Gene and Jacky, teachers from the institute, as well as 14 international students studying in China, attended the discussion. A signing ceremony for the cooperation agreement between the university and the enterprise was held on-site.


In the exhibition hall of Sunrise Solar, Mrs. Mary, Director of After-sales, gave a detailed introduction of the company's development, business composition, and the international trade situation. The guests gained a deep understanding of Sunrise's development over the past 18 years, its culture, achievements in global photovoltaic layout, and the current status of industry-university-research cooperation.


At the workshop site, international students from countries such as Pakistan, Gabon, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Côte d'Ivoire, Turkmenistan, and Iraq listened attentively to the layout of our production lines, production capacity, and detailed processes of each product. The vivid explanation on-site helped them to understand the production process of components more deeply.


("International Students' Internship and Practice Base" signing and awarding)

Finally, the two parties had an in-depth discussion on comprehensive cooperation strategies between universities and enterprises, international talent cultivation, and other aspects. They further clarified the cooperation mechanism of mutual complementarity of advantages and resource sharing in the market and talent aspects. They also discussed the targeted training of excellent international talents for enterprises, the establishment of intern practice bases for international students in China, and the assistance in the mutual growth of universities and enterprises. The signing ceremony was successfully completed after full exchanges and discussions on these matters.