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Sunrise's N-Type Ligh tweight Double Glass Module Launch Event Successfully Held in Frankfurt

On 8th of December 2023, Sunrise held a new N-type lightweight double-glass module launch event in Germany, where many customers and guests came to witness the shining moment of the new products!


The newest Aquaman series can be divided into three branches, including Double-glass, Double-glass Bifacial and Double-glass Full-black design. Using 54 cells design, specially for distributed scenarios, plus 30 years product warranty, which will bring more than 30 years high power efficiency to our clients.


The Aquaman series modules are strictly selected from N-type TOPCon high-efficiency cells and adopt high-precision encapsulation technology to effectively improve the power generation efficiency of the products, effectively enhancing the installed capacity and power generation under limited space, aiming to bring higher revenue for users.


At the conference site, Ren Kai, Director of Overseas Market Development, explained to customers the analysis of the PV industry in 2024, topic around the direction of the cell price, the inevitability of the transition from P-type (PERC) to N-type (TOPCon) process, and the efficient action and excellent quality of products that Sunrise has taken the lead in the process of the foreseeable future.

N-Type lightweight double glass models

TOPCon encapsulation megatrend, 54 cells designed for distributed scenarios


The Aquaman series modules adopt N-type TOPCon cells, which have significant advantages over PERC cells in terms of conversion efficiency, double-sided rate and degradation rate.


SMBB welding technology is applied on the module side, and the mass production power can reach 450W with a conversion efficiency of 22.55%. The products have the features of Class I fireproof, lightweight, low degradation rate, PID resistance, anti-corrosion, excellent weathering, and higher power generation capacity.


The product adopts 1.6mm photovoltaic glass, from the weight point of view, 1.6mm photovoltaic glass single square metre corresponding to the glass weight of 2kg/㎡, down 10% compared with 2.0mm. From the economic point of view, the cost of 1.6mm double-glass encapsulation decreases by 5% compared with 2.0mm double-glass encapsulation cost.

N-Type lightweight double glass bifacial models

PET masking on the front side, visually perfect to Full-black modules


The Aquaman series bifacial double glass module adopts black PET to block the converging strip, with full-black transparent effect on the front side, which is very visual aesthetics, and both the front and back sides can generate electricity, with at least 10% power generation gain on the back side, which has the advantages of longer lifecycle, stronger weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and higher power generation efficiency.


Product warranty of 30 years, linear power warranty of 30 years, the first year attenuation ≤ 1%, the second year onwards, the annual attenuation of ≤ 0.4%. With the recognition of the downstream application side for the power generation gain of double-sided power generation module, double-sided module may exceed single glass module to become the new mainstream in the market.


N-Type lightweight double glass full black models

Artistic Aesthetics Patented Design True Full-Black


The Aquaman series full black double glass module has passed the special test of TUV authoritative organisations and obtained the invention patent of 'full-black solar photovoltaic module', which is truly consistent in appearance and aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly presents the effect of BAPV green building. The accelerated sales of the products have strengthened the product positioning of 'the leader of true full-black modules', which has now become the outstanding representative of European rooftop PV stars.

At the press conference, Yuan Qinghua, The CEO of Sunrise said that driven by soaring electricity prices and more competitive cost of PV systems, it is expected that in 2030, the annual installed capacity of global PV could reach more than 800GW under optimistic scenarios, and the market space would be further expanded. As electricity prices continue to be high, European countries provide subsidies or tax rebates and other policy support for PV, coupled with the fall in PV module prices, so that in 2023 the European user PV installed capacity growth is expected to 2024, the number of European ground power station project construction will also return to growth.

Under more diversified PV application scenarios, the market demand for products with higher efficiency, higher yield and higher reliability performance during the whole life cycle has become more urgent. In the German market, Sunrise will bring more valuable and reliable PV products and solutions to more customers. In this regard, the three N-type lightweight double-glass products launched by Sunrise will also provide European customers with an extraordinary value experience of high efficiency and robustness in the whole life cycle of module applications.

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