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The Application of Distributed Photovoltaic Power System

Distributed perc PV refers to a distributed power system that uses photovoltaic modules to directly convert solar energy into electricity. It is a new way of power generation and energy comprehensive utilization with broad development prospects.

It advocates the principles of nearby power generation, nearby grid connection, nearby conversion and nearby use. The distributed photovoltaic power system can not only effectively improve the power generation of photovoltaic power stations of the same scale but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in voltage boost and long-distance transportation.

The most widely used distributed photovoltaic power systems are those built on the roofs of urban buildings. Such projects must be connected to the public grid to supply electricity to nearby customers. So where are the best places to install distributed on photovoltaic power systems?

Ⅰ. Installation of the distributed photovoltaic power system in industrial plants

Especially in the plants with relatively large electricity consumption, and relatively expensive online shopping price. Usually factory roof area is large, and the roof is open and smooth, suitable for the installation of photovoltaic arrays. In addition, due to the large power load, the distributed photovoltaic power system can absorb local consumption and offset part of the online shopping power, thus saving users' electricity bills.

Ⅱ. Installation of distributed photovoltaic power system in commercial buildings

The effect is similar to that of industrial parks, but the difference is that commercial buildings have cement roofs, which are more conducive to the installation of photovoltaic arrays. However, it often has requirements on the aesthetics of buildings. According to the characteristics of commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, conference centers, resorts and other service industries, the user load characteristics are generally higher during the day and lower at night, which can better match the characteristics of perc PV module.

Ⅲ. Installation of distributed photovoltaic power system in agricultural facilities

Rural areas have a large number of available roofs, including the roofs of self-owned houses, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds and so on. Rural areas are often at the end of the public grid, and the power quality is poor. The construction of distributed photovoltaic energy systems in rural areas can improve the power security and power quality.

Ⅳ. Installation of distributed photovoltaic power system in municipal and other public buildings

Due to unified management standards, buildings with relatively reliable user load and business behavior, buildings with high enthusiasm for installation, municipal and other public buildings are also suitable for centralized connected construction of distributed photovoltaic.

Ⅴ. Installation of distributed photovoltaic power system in remote agricultural and pastoral areas and islands

Photovoltaic power system can be promoted to form off-grid solar system for shed or microgrid in remote areas, islands and other areas with little power and no power. Due to the gap in the level of economic development, it is difficult for the population in some remote areas and islands to solve the basic electricity problem. In the past, agricultural power grid projects mostly rely on the extension of large power grid, and small hydropower and thermal power supply, etc., which is extremely difficult to extend the power grid, and the power supply radius is too long, resulting in poor power supply quality. The development of off-grid distributed power generation can not only solve the problem of basic electricity consumption of residents in areas with little or no electricity, but also make clean and efficient use of local renewable energy, effectively solving the contradiction between energy and environment.