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Attention to the Use of Solar Photovoltaic Panels

A solar photovoltaic system refers to a facility that converts solar energy into direct current electricity through the photoelectric effect of photovoltaic semiconductor materials. The core of the photovoltaic facility is the solar panel. Solar photovoltaic panels are of great importance to people's lives, so attention must be paid to their use. So, what should be noted when installing solar photovoltaic panels? Follow us to have a look.

How many pieces are in a group of solar photovoltaic panels?

Generally, a group consists of about 20 pieces, and it depends on the inverter's load and model. The solar photovoltaic panel is made of high-end chips and the important component is the solar cell panel, which can absorb sunlight during the day and convert it into electrical energy, thus meeting people's living needs.

The installation area of solar photovoltaic panels

When installing solar cells, it is necessary to choose the right area for installation, and avoid choosing places where the light is easily blocked and do not install near flammable and explosive materials. Besides, the structure used for assembling cells should be able to adapt to the surrounding environment and have certain anti-corrosion measures.

Installation of solar photovoltaic panel cells

When installing the battery pack on the bracket, springs and flat washers are usually used, which can fix it better. The solar panel should be at an angle of about 30 degrees facing the sunny position, and according to the site environment, the solar cell should be wired to ensure longer use.

During the connection of the solar cell pack, it should be correctly connected to the positive and negative poles in the junction box, and short-circuit phenomena should be avoided as much as possible. There should be no gap between the joints and insulation heads, otherwise sparks may easily occur, causing trouble.

Cleaning method of solar photovoltaic panels

For the lifting structure in the solar photovoltaic panel, it should be stable and should not have any looseness. Over time, a lot of dust will appear on the surface of the panels. At this time, a soft cotton cloth should be used to wipe them, but do not touch the joint position. If any problem is found, professional personnel should be contacted for processing. Do not attempt to deal with it on your own.

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