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How to Judge the Quality of the Solar PV Module?

Solar photovoltaic modules are solar cell modules. Due to the low output voltage of monolithic solar cells, and the impact of the environment on unpackaged cells, the electrodes are easy to fall off.

Therefore, a certain number of monolithic cells must be sealed into solar photovoltaic modules in series and parallel to avoid corrosion of battery electrodes and interconnections. Solar photovoltaic modules are divided into crystalline silicon solar modules and thin-film solar cell modules according to the materials of the solar cells.

1. The structure of the solar PV module

Refers to the smallest indivisible photovoltaic cell assembly device that has encapsulation and internal connections and can independently provide direct current output.

Solar photovoltaic modules (commonly known as solar panels). It is composed of solar cells (two specifications of 125*125mm, 156*156mm, 124*124mm, etc.), or solar cells of different specifications cut by a laser cutting machine or a steel wire cutting machine.

Since the current and voltage of the monolithic solar cell is very small, we then connect them in series to obtain a high voltage, and then connect them in parallel to obtain a high current, and then output through a diode (to prevent current return).

And encapsulate them on a stainless steel, aluminum or other non-metal frame, install the upper glass and the back plate on the back, fill it with nitrogen, and seal it. The whole is called a module, that is, a solar photovoltaic module.

2. How to distinguish the pros and cons of the solar PV module

The quality of solar photovoltaic modules determines the quality of photovoltaic power stations, and it is also a decisive condition for the effective and stable operation of photovoltaic power stations for 25 years.

The most common crystalline solar photovoltaic module is to encapsulate the tempered glass, EVA, cell, EVA, and back sheet in the order from bottom to top. The backplane, tempered glass, battery sheets and EVA are encapsulated inside.

It is protected by aluminum frame and silicone sealing edge. Therefore, the standards for evaluating the quality of solar photovoltaic modules are mainly distinguished by the soalr cell quality of their packaging materials.

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