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Installation and Quality Selection of Solar Panel

1. What should be paid attention to when installing a solar panel?

(1) There are no obstructions where you install

If you install the solar panel on a roof that is covered by trees most of the year, there may not be enough "sunlight" to take advantage of it, which will greatly affect the power generation efficiency of the solar panel.

The solar panel should be installed in a place with sufficient sunlight and free of foreign objects in order to maximize its power generation efficiency.

(2) Calculate the power supply efficiency

The calculation of the mono solar panel efficiency can let you get the best solar panel for the least amount of money.

(3) Which solar panel is better?

The solar panel can be divided into the silicon solar panel (polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon) and the amorphous silicon solar panel. The monocrystalline silicon solar panel can be divided into the normal monocrystalline silicon and the high-efficiency solar panel.

In terms of ranking in order of efficiency, there is the high-efficiency solar panel, normal monocrystalline solar panels, the polycrystalline silicon solar panel, and the thin-film solar panel.

The thin-film solar panel has the most toughness, which can be bent and generate electricity indoors. However, it has low efficiency and short service life. And the amorphous silicon can also be used outdoors.

2. How to distinguish the quality of the solar panel?

The solar panel is a device that directly or indirectly converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy through photoelectric or photochemical effects by absorbing sunlight.

Most utility scale solar panels are made of "silicon". However, due to the high production cost, the widespread use of solar panels still has limitations.

(1) It can be judged by looking at the color of the solar panel surface. Most of the surface of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar panels is blue and black. If the colors of the panel are not the same, then it might be caused by the workmanship.

(2) It can be judged by looking at the solar panel surface. The tempered glass surface of the battery panel should be flat and free of foreign matter. Some solar energy products manufacturers will not clean the silica gel dripping on the surface of the tempered glass to improve the production speed. If the silica gel is not cleaned, it will affect the power generation efficiency of the solar panel.

(3) It can be judged by looking at solar cells. Each of the cells on the panel is complete, and is formed by integral cutting.

However, many informal manufacturers in the market use broken solar panel cells to form cells that seem complete for welding.

The spliced cell is easy to be disconnected again later, which will affect the use of the whole panel. However, this situation is difficult to find by eye.

(4) It can be judged by looking at the quality of pressure on the back of the solar panel. You can see if the back of the solar panel has uneven situations, such as blistering and wrinkles.

(5) It can be judged by looking at the frame of the solar panel. Some manufacturers use manual framing to produce solar panel frames. Due to the uneven strength of manual framing, the tightness of the frame is also different, the shape is not a strict rectangle, and the firmness is also greatly reduced. Nowadays, aluminum frames are commonly used.

(6) It can be judged by looking at the silica gel in the solar panel. You can see if the silica gel is evenly distributed around the back of the solar panel, and whether it is closely embedded into the gap between the backplane and the frame.

(7) It can be judged by checking whether the cover of the solar panel junction box can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box, and whether the plug of the wire can be plugged tightly.