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Maintenance Tips for the Solar Panel

The solar panel is also known as a solar cell module, it is a photoelectric semiconductor sheet that uses sunlight to directly generate electricity. It is an assembly consist of several solar cells assembled on a board in a certain way, and it is a core part of the solar power generation system.

1. Reasons for reducing the service life of the solar panel

Solar panel manufacturers have always attached great importance to improving the service life of the solar panel. However, due to some objective reasons, the solar panel has a limited service life, which leads to the shortening of the operating time.

In the early stage, the output power of photovoltaic modules can reduce the service life of the photovoltaic panel system. The main reason is that the output power in the early stage will show a significant drop, and the latter will cause a decrease in life due to the injection of light stabilized current applied in the silicon wafer.

The other stage is mainly because the decline of the function of the battery will affect the solar panel, and it is also caused by the decline of the function of the packaging material.

The quality of silicon wafers: In the early days, silicon wafers were unqualified due to the poor quality of the solar panel packaging materials. The unqualified silicon wafers will directly affect mono silicon solar panels service time.

Hot spot: During use under sunlight, some parts of the solar panel are shaded and cannot get light, resulting in the mottling of the high-temperature incineration part. The hot spot can directly damage the whole solar panel. Therefore, the solar panel must be regularly protected and cleaned.

2. How to maintain the solar panel?

(1) The solar panel lighting surface should be kept clean. If there is dust accumulated, it will reduce the conversion rate of the solar panel. The dust can be cleaned with a feather duster.

If there is some stubborn dirt that cannot be cleaned off, you can use clean water to wash the solar panel, and then use a clean cloth to wipe off the water stains. Please do not use corrosive solvents or hard objects to clean.

(2) It is necessary to check the metal bracket of the full black solar panel regularly to observe whether there is corrosion or rust, etc. It is also necessary to regularly paint the bracket with anti-corrosion treatment.

(3) During use, the photovoltaic parameters and output power of the solar panel should be tested regularly to ensure the normal operation of the solar panel.

(4) During use, it is necessary to check the packaging and connection joints of the solar cell module regularly. If there is water in the package, discoloration of the cell, loose joints, disconnection, and corrosion, etc., it should be repaired or replaced in time.

(5) If the solar panel bracket is equipped with a polar axis automatic tracking system, it is necessary to regularly check whether the mechanical and electrical performance of the tracking system is normal.