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What Are the Application Scenarios of Photovoltaic Panels?

1. Understanding photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic actually refers to solar energy, so photovoltaic panels are also called solar panels. In fact, photovoltaic panels are what we usually call solar panels. To put it bluntly, it is like a battery, and it is the sun that charges the battery. Therefore, if there are photovoltaic panels at home, the sun can be used for charging, and as long as there is sunlight, these photovoltaic panels can play a role in generating electricity. In fact, photovoltaic power generation was relatively popular in the past few years. Even now, many people in rural areas still choose photovoltaic power generation. The application scenarios of photovoltaic panels can be described as varied and varied. Let's take a look at the application scenarios below!

2. Application scenarios of photovoltaic panels

Ordinary household rooftop photovoltaic: In rural areas, the place where photovoltaic power generation panels are used is relatively large. Installing photovoltaic panels on the roof can not only save energy and electricity, but also make money with excess electricity, which is a sound investment method. Not only that, in the hot summer, the sunrise solar panels on the roof can block the strong sunlight and form a thermal insulation layer with the roof, which can effectively reduce the room temperature and reduce the frequency of use of air conditioners to a certain extent. environment, and more energy saving.

Fishing and photovoltaic complementary photovoltaic: Fishing and photovoltaic complementary is a new mode of power generation that is often said to "generate electricity from the top and fish from the bottom". Above the water surface, photovoltaic panels used as solar energy items can block the sun's rays, thereby reducing the evaporation of water, improving the survival probability of fish and shrimp, and increasing production to a certain extent. Secondly, the shading effect of photovoltaic power generation panels, for instance, the mono silicon solar panels can also reduce the photosynthesis of water surface plants, thereby inhibiting the reproduction of algae plants, greatly reducing the possibility of water quality deterioration, and providing a good growth environment for fish and shrimp. At the same time, fishery and solar complementation can also bring additional photovoltaic power generation benefits, which not only saves land resources, but also greatly increases the added value of aquaculture.

Agri-photovoltaic complementary photovoltaic: With the increasing shortage of land resources, agricultural-photovoltaic complementary is increasingly emerging, which greatly improves the efficiency of land use. By erecting solar photovoltaic panels with different light transmittances, the lighting needs of different crops can be met, not only high value-added crops such as organic agricultural products and seedlings can be planted, but also off-season planting; not only that, farmers can also sell the remaining electricity to earn income again.