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What Are the Warranty and Components of Solar Panels?

Solar panel warranties cover components, inverters, installations, and various other components, and owners always want an effective warranty throughout the lifetime of the solar system.

They know it's important to choose the right components and inverters, and they know it's important to install those solar modules correctly, but when it comes to warranty, there's always a gap between reality and aspiration.

If the solar system stops working for some reason, or encounters other problems, the owner wants the solar products suppliers to cover it all. This involves the issue of warranties for these items, and there are actually four separate warranties to consider as a PV system supplier.

1. Performance guarantee of solar panel components

The performance warranty for solar panels is usually claimed to be 25 years, although some manufacturers increase the warranty to 30 years.

When installation companies talk about a 25-year warranty on a solar panel, it usually only considers the solar panel performance and doesn't cover other aspects of the system or the panel itself, and more component suppliers are committing to 20 years.

2. Solar panel module product warranty

Typically, unlike performance warranties, most component products are warranted for 5 to 10 years, depending on the company installing the component and what product it offers.

This is a far cry from the Module Performance Warranty and is shorter, but many people mistakenly believe that the  Solar Panel Module Product Warranty is the same as the Module Performance Warranty, which may lead them to think that their warranty covers more than it actually does, and Also longer.

3. Solar panel inverter warranty

Inverters are almost always warranted for five years, but there are sometimes upgrade options that extend the warranty to 10 years or more.

These upgrades are usually not free and may be offered at the time the solar panel such as mono silicon solar panel is sold or installed, and can offer higher value if other warranties cost less, but it's important to understand how much the cost can go up.

4. The solar panel installation guarantee

The warranty for the installation is provided by the installer, not the manufacturer of the full black solar panel or other system components, and typically, this warranty is for one or two years.

In some cases, the installation warranty period may be 10 years, but this is not common, and asking the installer about the solar panel warranty period is critical to understanding the system.

5. Who should I talk to about solar panel product issues or safety risks?

If you have a problem with a product, or discover what you believe to be a safety hazard, usually the first step is to contact the installer.

They are very knowledgeable about the work done for you and also have all the information about the solar panel manufacturer for the product installed. Regardless of whether your components or inverters are still under warranty, it is important to address safety risks and other issues in a timely manner.