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What is the Production Process of the Solar Panel?

The assembly line is also known as the packaging production line. Packaging is the core stage of solar panel production. The solar panel packaging can not only ensure the service life of the solar panel, but also can improve its moisture resistance. The high quality and long service life of products are the keys to customer satisfaction. Therefore, the quality of the solar panel packaging is very important.

1. The production process of the solar panel

It includes battery sorting, dicing, EL serial inspection, junction welding, EL intermediate inspection, lamination, framing, EL final inspection and other 17 processes.

2. The solar panel quality assurance technology

(1) Solar cells with high conversion efficiency and high quality.

(2) High-quality raw materials such as high cross-linked EVA, high light transmittance, and high-strength tempered glass.

(3) Reasonable packaging process of the solar panel.

(4) Strict working style of employees.

There are two methods for solar panel array power generation made by solar energy products suppliers, one is the light-heat-electric conversion method, and the other is the direct light-electric conversion method.

(1) Light-heat-electric conversion

It is developed by using heat energy generated by solar radiation. In general, the heat absorbed by the solar collector is converted into air quality steam, which then drives steam turbines.

The migration process has a light-heat conversion process. The following process is the same as general thermal power generation, which is a heat-electric conversion process. However, the disadvantages of solar panel power generation are low efficiency and high cost.

Therefore, it can only be applied on a small scale under special circumstances. The large-scale solar projects use is not economically cost-effective and cannot compete with general thermal power plants or nuclear power plants.

(2) Direct light-electric conversion

This is to use the photoelectric effect to directly convert solar radiation energy into electricity, and the basic device for light-electric conversion is the solar panel.

Due to the photovoltaic effect, the solar panel is a component that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy. It is a semiconductor photodiode. When sunlight shines on the photodiode, the photodiode converts the sunlight into electrical energy to generate electricity.

The solar panel is clean energy and has a long power generation life. As long as there is the sun, they can be invested for a long time. Compared with thermal power generation and nuclear power generation, solar energy does not cause environmental pollution.